MDR3 Gold Mount Cage LT


  • Machined from high strength aluminum alloy
  • Genuine Anton Bauer battery plate
  • Designed for quick and easy, tool free attachment of the MDR unit
  • Designed to work with or without Velcro patches on the MDR
  • Manufactured in Germany


The MDR3 mount allows for secure and low profile attachment of the Preston MDR motor drivers and receivers. Mounting on the camera’s Anton Bauer Gold Mount Plate, the MDR unit is conveniently fixed between the back of the camera and the camera battery.  Power and both analog and digital battery data are passed through the mount to the camera with no need for external cables.

This new and updated MDR Cage features reduced weight and mounting points for future accessories.


Weight: 0.8 lbs

Dimensions: 4.6 × 3.04 × 4.70 in