From HD to 4k, this camera can aid any project no matter what the budget or post flow.

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Product Description

Sony’s F55 is an extremely adaptable camera that is able to fulfill the needs of any production. With its capability to record a wide array of codecs and of capturing resolutions from HD to 4k, this camera can aid any project no matter what the budget or post flow. The F55 image sensor is equipped with the an advanced color technology which delivers color gamut that’s wider than 35mm motion picture print film, allowing for the ultimate flexibility in color manipulation. The F55 also boasts a global shutter, ensuring that even fast moving shots are sharp and clear.

The F55 has a lightweight body and comes from Birns and Sawyer outfitted with the versatile Element Technica cage system, making it easily swapped from a tripod to shoulder-mounted in no time. The F55 side display means reviewing and changing project settings is easy and quick.


Key Features:

Recording formats: HD (MPEG, XAVC, SStP, ProRes, DNxHD), 2K (XAVC or RAW with external recorder), QFHD (XAVC), 4K (XAVC or RAW with external recorder)

Frame rates: Up to 180fps at 2k/XAVC (240fps with external RAW recorder)

Native EI: 1250

Codecs: MPEG, XAVC, ProRes, DNxHD, SStP (RAW with external recorder)

Sensor: 17:9, 4096×2160

Output: 3G-SDI x4 with 2K and 4K capability, HDMI 1.4a

Weight: Approx. 5lbs

Power Output Options: 2x Hirose connectors 12v 1.8A

Mount Options: Sony FZ, with PL adapter

Media: SxS Pro+ Cards (AXSM Cards for External RAW recorder)

Input: Timecode, Genlock (BNC), 3 pin XLR

Interfaces: USB 2.0, SD Card (for loading Looks, saving frame grabs, etc



The F55 has such a variety of options for recording codec, color space, frame rate, and resolution that there is no project this camera can’t handle. The F55 is even able to simultaneously record RAW and XAVC, which is an excellent option for productions that want an uncompressed copy of a project, but don’t have the immediate post capabilities to work with it.

A major tip I have regarding the Sony F5 and F55 is how to approach the menu system. Looking at the menu these cameras can seem a bit complicated. Sony tends to use different labels that are more accurate to what these digital cameras are doing, and are less concerned with accepted film terms. For example, the term “frequency” is used rather than “frame rate”, and when using the RAW recorder the term “center scan” is used rather than “2k”. Due to the variety of project settings, the best way to set your options is by deciding what the end goal will be and building each setting with the that goal in mind.




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