1-Ton Camera Support Van


1-Ton Camera Support Sprinter Van

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1-Ton Camera Support Sprinter Van


Sprinter Camera Support Van


6x 40” C-stands

6x 40” C-stand head and arm

2x 20” C-stands

2x 20” C-stand head and arm

4x 2 riser combo stands

2x 3 riser baby stands

2x 2 riser baby stands



2x 18”x24” solid

1x 18”24” silk

1x 18”x24” double net

1x 18”x24” single net

2x 24”x36” solid

1x 24”x36” silk

1x 24”36” double net

1x 24”x36” single net

1x 4’x4’ silk

2x 4’x4’ black floppies

2x 4’x4’ empty frames



4x full apple boxes – half size

4x ½ apple boxes – half size

4x ¼ apple boxes – half size

4x 1/8 apple boxes – half size



1x mini boom arm

1x Matthews car mount kit

1x 10’x10’ EZ up camera tent

1x mini camera magliner

1x grip/elect cart



2x drop ceiling clips/spud

2x bead board holders

2x cadellini clamps

1x jr 6” c-clamp

1x baby 6” c-clamp

4x safety chains

1x baby offset arm

2x mafer clamps/pin

2x 12” furn bar clamp w/pin

2x 4½’ grip head

1x jr nail on plates

4x baby nail on plates

2x magic arms

1x chain vise grip w/pin

1x 6’ menace arm kit



4x furniture pads

4x ratchet straps

2x road cones

1x broom

2x hanks rope ¼

12x grip clips (4 – #1, 2, 3)

6x crutch tips

12x 20lbs shot bags

1x 8’ double sided ladder

24x bungie cords

2x milk crates



1x first aid kit

1x copy of vehicle reg

1x copy of vehicle ins

1x battery jumper cables

1x fire extinguisher





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