How to Rent

New Client Forms & Rental Policies

New clients (Welcome!)  Rent from Birns & Sawyer quickly and conveniently by simply clicking on this link:

You will be prompted to Upload images of your Driver’s License, Passport, or State ID as well as a credit card to be used for Deposit Hold, Billing, and any L&Ds.

You will also be prompted to Include / Upload your certificate of Liability Insurance with Equipment Floater & 3rd party auto insurance coverage if applicable.

Yep, that is it… and the best part is the application only needs to be filled out once per year. Please try to complete these steps as early as possible to ensure for a smooth rental day. We have also provided a PDF version of the rental application that can be filled out manually, signed and faxed back to us if that is more convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ways that I can insure my rental?

You can either do a credit card deposit for the full value of the gear to be rented (if it is valued UNDER $10K), or submit insurance. If you decide on insurance, we hold the policy deductible on your credit card as your security deposit.

What are the insurance coverage requirements?

All rentals valued over $10K in replacement cost must include at least $1 million in General Liability per occurrence, and cover the full replacement cost of the gear. Ie: If you are renting a camera package worth $50K, then you must have AT LEAST $50K Rental Equipment Coverage/ Inland Marine/ Total Replacement Cost, and at least $1 million in General Liability. Include auto coverage if you are renting a vehicle from us.

Must the name on the customer information page match the insured on the insurance certificate?

The names on both your account paperwork and “Insured” must match so insurance can be applied to the rental.

How long must my insurance coverage be in force?

Insurance dates must include prep days and extend to at least two days after the return date.

Is there a maximum deductible?

Maximum deductible is $5K on any policy

Who is the certificate Holder and loss payees?

Birns and Sawyer at 5275 Craner Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91601 must be listed as Certificate Holders AND Loss Payee

Do I have to get insurance coverage from a specific company or broker?

No, you can get insurance through any licensed carrier. Birns & Sawyer has received insurance for clients from the following carriers/brokers.

Athos Insurance Katherine Wong 626-716-9800
Heffernan Insurance Any Agent 213-236-0511
Wells Fargo Insurance Lori Vitagliano 818-464-9304
Taylor & Taylor Any agent 818-826-7200
Truman Van Dyke Any Agent 323-883-0012
NFP Insurance Any Agent 323-883-0012
TCP Insurance Any Agent 800-726-3701