Virtual Reality is here and it’s actually for everyone!

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Many moons ago, people would have never even dreamed of some of the technological advancements that we’ve made in our post-modern age. We’ve come an incredibly long way from the invention of the wheel or the discovery of fire. Human ingenuity and creativity has spiraled over the years thanks to brilliant scientists across the world. We’ve made great strides in medicine, agriculture, communication, transportation and warfare… And in the realm of entertainment and art… Especially at this very moment in time… Because we now have real and true Virtual Reality that is deliverable to the general public.


What is Virtual Reality? That’s most likely the first question that you’ll ask. Well, it stems from the idea of creating an alternate reality that can be seen, heard, and experienced in order to transport people or entertain people with new information or storytelling in a 1st person narrative. It’s also an immersive way to give people an interactive experience unlike the traditional movie or even musical concert. With Virtual Reality, thanks to the aid of headsets and special cameras, one can go places that they had never dreamed of… Without leaving their bedroom or backyard!

As technology changes and new devices are invented or upgraded, we come closer and closer to finding the very best products for our needs, and much thanks to Nokia, this is happening rapidly with the remarkable new OZO 360 degree V.R. Camera. The OZO is part of this new and fast emerging landscape, but unlike many of its predecessors and experimental cameras, the OZO has a comprehensive solution for all panoramic and immersive virtual environments. With its own unique design that positions the highest quality (2K x 2K) V.R. cameras around the device, which looks like a small bowling ball, and allows for simultaneous 360 degree. 


We’re extremely excited to have joined forces with Nokia to bring this fantastic video technology to the LA area. We have the camera available for rentals and sales in our facility in North Hollywood. Come over and check it out. Our staff has even shot a fun demo for anyone to watch with one of our headsets right here in our shop. We hope to SEE you soon!



Ramzi Abed

Director of Marketing & Sales, BIRNS AND SAWYER

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