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Welcome to our new Birns & Sawyer interim Beta website! It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve got a whole new look and feel. This website will be a new way for you to connect with who and what we are, while we continue to build our fully developed website and mobile application which will be launching in the next few months. In the meantime, we want to take this opportunity to acquaint you with the history of our company, as well as our goals in how we can serve you, the filmmaker.

Birns & Sawyer was established by Jack Birns and Cliff Sawyer back in 1954, right in the heart of Hollywood, California. The company, which was Los Angeles’ original motion picture camera house, grew to become an iconic fixture on the LA film scene, and served everyone from budding photographers and cinematographers to experienced and famous filmmakers and producers. The company worked with numerous companies like Arriflex, Tewe, and Zeiss to bring the very best in motion picture lenses and cinema products to the American movie-making scene. Renowned for their technical expertise and the vast array of in-house and even handmade products, Birns & Sawyer began both manufacturing and selling its own original camera support and optical tools for 16mm and 35mm filmmaking worldwide. Many years passed, and although the company was bought and made a furthered success by savvy businessman, Marvin Stern, it struggled against poor management and other market-based obstacles. The company was then acquired by cinematographer (and gaffer of Rob Reiner’s legendary rock comedy, “This Is Spinal Tap”), William Meurer, who quickly got the company back on track, and began its transition towards digital filmmaking.

Today, the company is focused on bringing the latest technological filmmaking tools to the forefront of the global movie community by specializing in LED lighting, digital camera systems, and high-quality optics. And now, with our new website, and under the direction of a new management system, we are happy to inform you that big changes are happening… And they’re good!



Ramzi Abed
Director of Marketing & Sales


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