Is Your Events Calendar on Fire Yet?

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Is your events calendar on fire yet? Because it should be! We’ve got stuff going on, and it’s hot as wild fire. Did you come to our official Sony F55 Camera Training event with Sony’s own CineAlta technical expert, Mike DesRoches? How about our most recent “Lunch With Mike” where our favorite lighting guru, Michael Rogers, shared some of the latest and greatest in new LED lighting products and techniques? Well, it’s not too late to miss the next cool event! We’ve got screenings, seminars, sales, and lunch events all coming up throughout 2013. Plus, we’re getting more and more involved in the local filmmaking community. We’re excited to be getting involved with more film festivals, more in-kind support, and more discounts across the board for indie filmmakers. Last year, we made our first inhouse commercial, which we shot with our own equipment and an entire crew comprised of our own employees! We shot it with the ARRI Alexa and the Sony F3, and even got Hollywood actor, James Duval (“Donnie Darko”, “Independence Day”) to be in it! This year, we’re doing more… We’ve got more original content on the way, more blogs, more information to be shared… And more events.

You’re going to want to come to the next big thing here… We’ll make sure it’s well worth it… Because you are well worth it all to us! Thank you for your support, and stay tuned. Don’t touch that dial.

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