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With KFLECT, a single light source is redirected and reflected using multiple reflectors whose surfaces shape and modulate the beam. Each surface creates a different effect and acts as its own light source. The adjustment and size of the K-Flector determine intensity and modulation. The result is a landscape of shadow and light that determine the visual atmosphere. These improvements – which certainly affect the film narrative – go hand in hand with potential savings due to fewer lights and less overall equipment (including stands and cables), lower power consumption and less heat development. Thus the KFLECT RLS reduces the amount of work and improves working conditions for cast and crew. A significant advantage of the KFLECT REFLECT LIGHTING SYSTEM is that it enables a substantial increase in visual quality, especially when working with small budgets and/or in difficult locations.



KFLECT B&S Full Package








The MINI BAG B&S SPECIAL EDITION is a professional “entry level package”,  that allows filmmakers and lighting specialists to design lighting moods in a large variety of small to medium sets (INT/DAY or INT/NIGHT), as well as many table top applications, with just  1 or 2 light sources. This “Mini Bag B&S Special Edition” consists of 11 K‑FLECTORS TT,  15 K‑FLECTORS  S and M, and 10 K-GRIP tools that allow the simultaneous fastening of 6 K-FLECTORS.





KFLECT B&S Small Package










The incredibly compact and versatile KFLECT K-BOX STARTER KIT is a smaller kit only a little bit larger than a lunch box. It is ideally suited for table top set ups as well as eye lights and small enhancements. This kit includes 1 K-BOX TT, 17 K-FLECTORS, AND 8 K-GRIP TOOLS.

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