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Birns & Sawyer Celebrates 60 Years of Service

Birns & Sawyer is making some big changes while keeping our standard of quality and commitment to all filmmakers! We are a camera, lighting, and grip rental house located in North Hollywood and we’ve been around for a while: over 60 years!

Today, Birns & Sawyer exists as a sole provider and supporter of digital filmmaking. And even though the last half decade has proved evolution in this business, we have and always will maintain this devotion: to serve the customer in every way we can and make your production a reality — we’ll provide your gear, fit your budget, and support your production all the way to the screen. So try us out!




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What Our Clients are Saying…

Everyone was just NICE! They weren’t snotty and stuck up like MOST rental houses are in LA.

These guys care about your business.

I highly recommend them, their prices are competitive to most of the rental houses I have used, and I think they might match price.

-Mr. B on

This shop is a filmmaker’s and cinematographer’s best friend!

There is a lot of film equipment out there, but the good people at Birns & Sawyer have USED all equipment and they will be able to tell you what’s best – their free advice is included with each product

Of note, whether you’re Michael Bay, or a student filmmaker, Birns & Sawyer treats everyone like a king – you can’t go wrong here!

-Miguel A. on

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